Raamat "Forest Fairy Tale"

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Rõõt is a daughter of a forest goddess, born in the Estonian forests to protect nature and everything that lives. To do this, however, she must first understand being human, both her physical and mental nature. She observes, experiences and learns how a person interacts with herself and the environment, and on the basis of this - leaves behind words, images and sounds that can lead every wanderer of the forest back on the path. Forest Fairy Tale shows the universal challenges, dilemmas and lessons of being human. As an Estonian, a symbiosis with nature and its rhythms, especially with the forest, is an integral part of our self-definition. Therefore, the photos are taken during different seasons in different Estonian forests. To emphasize the Forest Fairy's bodily experience, all the photos are nudes. To illustrate her eternal fairy nature, the photographs have the elements of legends and fairy-tale worlds painted on them. These stories tell about Rõõt´s relationships with herself, nature and other people and worlds. Every reader has the opportunity to recognize him/herself in these universal descriptions, findings and insights.
Lisa ostukorvi